Abstract vs Impressionist

Episode 143 · September 21st, 2020 · 37 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

This week, we discuss an unfortunate incident involving bugs and an unnannounced bunch of dinosaurs before getting down to business with making some, well, multiple choice additions to our theme parks.

First up, Jim invites guests to step into Jiminy Studios and don some VR goggles as they strap into Absttraction, a ride all about creating your own art that you can take home (for a price, of course).

Then, we take a mild detour into the world of Mountain Dew. It only very tangentially makes any sense in context. Jim still has not experienced Voo-Dew.

Scottye rights the theme park ship and decends into The Big City of Party Town to Fake It Till You Make It, a grand tower of bars and lounges that you must navigate through by sheer charm and wit for a chance to visit The Penthouse. If you don't have what it takes, don't worry, you can still get rather drunk and ride a bunch of elevators.

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