Limits vs Lists

Episode 145 · October 5th, 2020 · 36 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

This week, we spend an incredible amount of time trying to do a Disney theme park music quiz. It's kind of insane. Then, we bring music back from last season and shove it into our new parks. First up, Jim creates the area for his "attraction" and names that area Echo Rhombus (or HOrho - pronounced Ho Row) as Squares just aren't hip enough. In said Rho he places, yes, _JimCity Limits_, which is exactly what it sounds like. Scottye, sick of music attractions after last season, then spends the rest of the episode going over his park's BGM soundtrack.

We hope you are able to enjoy the entire episode before it is destroyed in a flood of cease & desist letters.

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