Fraternal Orders vs Drink Orders

Episode 164 · March 8th, 2021 · 37 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

Apologies for episode lateness and any potential audio snafus. It's been that kind of week.

This week, we get creative and interactive as we create some new attractions for JimCity and Party Town. First up, Scottye sets the bar and then steps up to it to allow his guests to create their own fanciful cocktails. Let's just hope the judges find them as tasty as they are full of that good, good booze. Then, Jim invites guests into an indiscrete location to form their own fanatical brotherhoods, or at least their iconography. If things get too out of control, I'm sure security will be there with tasers.

Also, Jim started up a new website called TOON CANOE, where he reviews streaming animation. Check it out in the links for this episode below.

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