Challenge: Get Rich Quick (Sponsored Attraction)

Episode 40 · July 30th, 2018 · 36 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

This week it's all about getting that sweet sweet $$ as we set about finding sponsors for our park's attractions. First, Jim corals two lucky sponsors into a familiar duel as La Croix and Captain Morgan compete in a Beverage Showdown, each creating attractions that help you feel a little drunk or a bit more refreshed, plus you can get a photo op with the Captain himself, or maybe a french hipster moose. Meanwhile, Scottye's marketing department has been burning the candle at both ends taking suggestions from everything from Motel 6 to Kmart and even Guitar Hero. These prove fruitless, however, and a truly unfortunate sponsor emerges to present Lemony Snicket's Crumudgeonly Coaster, a 3-drink minimum attraction your childhood has been waiting for. So grab yourself some barely flavored soda water, some rum, or maybe a couple glasses of Perilous Potation and get to listening, our non-existent advertisers depend on it.

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