Challenge: Electric Holiday (Robot Attraction)

Episode 42 · August 13th, 2018 · 34 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

This week, after a quick discussion of cartoon-based phone messages, your plucky designers get on the proverbial dance floor and do the robot. First, Jim brings his guests to the JimCity Expo Center and his attraction Fight Botz, a somewhat crowd-controlled robot battle showcase where even if your bot loses in the ring, you win by getting quality destructive entertainment. Meanwhile, Scottye sets up shop on the border to Scottland with JimCity's Happy Fun Ride Of Joy (or whatever it's called), a soul-stealing boat ride into an apparently secret labratory run by the maniac on the other side of the park. Can you escape with your humanity intact and live to experience the alcoholic wonder that is the Tipsy Robot bartender? Hold on to your butts and your bots and listen today!

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