Challenge: Country Roads (West Virginia)

Episode 52 · October 29th, 2018 · 34 mins 49 secs

About this Episode

This week, Scottye shares stories from his most recent trip to Central Florida before getting into the challenge for the week of West Virginia. First up, it's an omnious dance party as Scottye brings guests Mothman's Cocaine Dance Party featuring everyone's favorite cryptozoologic celebrities. Will anyone survive the show (put on every hour on the hour)? Then, Jim tries to not embarass himself or any of his in-laws as he presents New River Rush, a waterless VR rafting attraction where you just might end up getting hit in the face by a few branches if you don't learn how to use your paddle. Still, thanks to the wonders of virtual reality, you may still get slightly wet. That's way better than dying while a cover of "Celebration" plays. Either way, we know for sure that Mothman Knows Best.

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