Challenge: Puerto Rico

Episode 58 · December 10th, 2018 · 33 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

This week, after a discussion of Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, your hosts take FreeWorld to one of the USA's unincorporated territories known as the nation of Puerto Rico. First up, Scottye invites his guests into a not-at-all-reminiscent-of-some-other-theme-park temple where they can find food, shopping, and even the official sailboat of Puerto Rico as they experience Oh No! That Dang Ol' Duck Is Missing!" (I think we got a trademark on this, right here). Join Pico and the Hedgemaster, two of Those Three Bird Guys, as they search high and low for their third band member Web Baxter (voiced obviously by Lin-Manuel Miranda). Meanwhile, Jim takes things on a slightly different turn as guests are brought inside a replica of Castillo El Morro to Experience Puerto Rico featuring virtual hanggliding around the country, some Bacardi, and a VR kayak experience through the bioluminescence of Mosquito Bay before finding out they are unable to leave unless they sit through a presentation for the FreeWorld Vacation Club. There's kiosks every seven feet in case you just want to jump right in.

We finish up the show talking about rather strange alcoholic beverages and really disturbing hot dogs. Somehow.

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