The Quest For The Hydra

Episode 71 · March 18th, 2019 · 33 mins 17 secs

About this Episode

This week, Scottye regales us with the splendor and the horror of his recent central Florida theme park vacation, then both try thier hands at creating attractions based off the mythical Hydra. First up, Scottye follows the "technically possible" show tag down a strange path as he invites sixty four guests at a time to become a part of the Hydra itself on a megacoaster inside The Hydra's Cave. Hold on to your necks for that one. Then, Jim puts his neck on the line as he pitches the tale of Mystical Martin and Mechanical Maddox, two estranged brothers with different ideas on how to explore the underwater caves near their home. Guests can join Martin's Magical Caravan or Maddox's Super Submersible and embark on their tours, ending with a (not at all surprising given the theme of this episode) confrontation with the Hydra among the rocks. Also, hydrangeas. Aren't they swell?

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