Challenge: Wide Open Spaces (Random Name Attractions)

Episode 44 · August 27th, 2018 · 32 mins 22 secs

About this Episode

This week, after some bird-as-janitor watching somewhere in France, we get handed some random names with which to create attractions and neither of us really follows the rules. First up, Jim takes the name given to him last week and throws it out the window, instead finding a new random name - The Brass Knuckle, and decides on hiring a steampunk security gaurd to fill the name and, predictably, go haywire in order to be shut down by guests. Meanwhile, Scottye takes his name and throws it out a separate but mostly similar window and then...doesn't really give his attraction a name. THE GUESTS DECIDE! Also, guests also decide which of five attractions they get to experience in this massive show building by just how drunk they are! Featuring everything from KISS to kaiju and all the way down to happy little trees (and ZZZZs), this place has everything a discerning drinker might want.

Remember to tune in next week for our season finale where we both try to lay out our parks into something cohesive and beautiful!

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