Let's Get Spooky And Childish!

Episode 96 · September 23rd, 2019 · 32 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

This week, we discuss new signs, (hopefully) fake scripts, and do our best to give our very own Epic Universe some very spooktacular kiddie attractions. First up, Scottye invites kids of all ages to experience The Ride Where Everything Goes Wrong, a menagerie of animatronics from around the multiverse converging around a boat that somehow has wheels. It has to be technically possible, as we've seen it at Disney Springs! Then, Jim decides that it isn't such a small world that we can't do some Mary Blair murder and yeets those dolls squarely into the Haunted Mansion where they will forever be entangled in your nightmares. It doesn't so much have a name as it has a blood-curdling sound that fills your soul the moment you envision such a hellscape. Isn't he supposed to be the reasonable one?

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