Let's Get Drunk!

Episode 97 · October 1st, 2019 · 34 mins 8 secs

About this Episode

This week, the Skyliner is open! Also, LSD! Maybe that'll help you see through those silly decals, huh? Also, dang guys, sorry the show is late coming to the feed. We spent this episode talking about making attractions where you have to be slightly drunk and Scottye maybe took that too heart. Or maybe he was just busy. Something like that. Anyway, first up - Jim puts gets in the center of a collossal mirror maze known as A Series Of Unfortunate Reflections. If you've ever been through a normal mirror maze, it's like that - only way bigger and way worse for drunk people. If you make it out of that okay, then you can hop behind the wheel of Scottye's go-kart mania where you actually have to keep drinking or you get yeeted off the course and probably into our omnipresent water park. Also, you might not actually be driving. Also, weapons! Grab them blue shells and some Pabst blue ribbons and meet us on the track, It's a-Go Time!

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