Yo, Home To Bel-Air!

Episode 118 · March 16th, 2020 · 34 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

This week, we discuss the perils of drinking around the World and trying to traverse three theme parks in a single day. Then, we devise new attractions for SITCOT based on everyone's favorite Non-Rotten Prince Of Somewhere Near Los Angeles. First up, Jim lives out a fantasy as he is thrown out of a mansion by Uncle Phil at an incredibly high rate of speed. Remember to keep your head back. Then, Scottye brings guests onto an omnimover of the theme song, hitting all the classic bits, and then switches to a second attraction also featuring (a rather swole) Uncle Phil who has brought the Foot Clan to Southern California and it's up to you, and possibly some turtles, to defeat him.

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